Music Performances

SDIY Electronic Music Summerfest 2009

the electronic arms of Vishnu

I performed an ambient set at the first annual Baltimore SDIY Group electronic music festival—an all-day, all-singing, all-dancing wonderment of many musicians and delighted fans held at the former lovely (and now lamented) Hexagon gallery/performance space on North Charles Street. With a constrained set of gear and a state of sweaty calm, I ran up a soothing set of improvisational ambient music, from Casio to modular. Everything you hear is done right on the spot, with no editing, prerecorded materials, or preconception (which is why there’s a glitch or two in the set to humble myself before the gods).

lost in that green lightListen:

© 2009 Joe Belknap Wall, aka Kantoendrato

[Photos courtesy of Logan Mitchell]