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Kantoendrato – 3 Moving Parts

Kantoendrato – 3 Moving Parts from Joe Belknap Wall on Vimeo.

Ambient playtime with three moving parts, more or less:

1. Kantoendrato
2. Roland Juno-6
3. Electro-Harmonix Stereo Memory Man with Hazarai and w/mod for footpedal control of left button

© 2015 Joe Belknap Wall, aka Kantoendrato

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The Hum Drift at Pyramid Atlantic – 2012-06-30

I had the great pleasure to perform a short ambient set at Pyramid Atlantic in Silver Spring, Maryland as a part of the Sonic Circuits Broken Mic Night for July 30th, 2012. I’d just come in from a long road trip, got home in time for the derecho storms that knocked out power and generally tore up the area, and made my way south the very next day, which was no mean feat, given that every traffic light in the county was out and lines at the gas stations that still had power were up to an hour long. There was a full house, the audience were cool and properly into experimental sound, and I had a great time.

I was a bit tense, though, and there was a hum in my gear I couldn’t quite shake, so I went with it. Essence of the moment.


See an annotated photo of the rig I used here.

© 2012 Joe Belknap Wall, aka Kantoendrato