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Kantoendrato – 3 Moving Parts

Kantoendrato – 3 Moving Parts from Joe Belknap Wall on Vimeo.

Ambient playtime with three moving parts, more or less:

1. Kantoendrato
2. Roland Juno-6
3. Electro-Harmonix Stereo Memory Man with Hazarai and w/mod for footpedal control of left button

© 2015 Joe Belknap Wall, aka Kantoendrato


Kantoendrato studies: Modular therapy.

A little play with one of my Nord Micro Modular boxes to calm the nerves.

Music Performances

KEVSAB – live 2015-11-14 – National Electronics Museum

Highlights from the KEVSAB set at the National Electronics Museum 2016 Electronica Fest.

KEVSAB is a collaboration between alternating.bit and Kantoendrato.

Music from KEVSAB is available on Bandcamp.